Hope is a powerful drug…

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I am approaching my 57th anniversary of tripping around the sun.  I’ve been in a lot better shape than I currently am.   260 lbs,  diabetic on insulin after H1N1 in 2007, been in denial about the diabetes, for almost 10 years now.  recently diagnosed with fibromyalgia needing blood tests for diagnosis, long time on pain killers due to damage in my back from car accidents and the not so enjoyable falls from horses (For me, riding is the most enjoyable thing to do ever)  Once a year I get the nerves to my L4 L5 and S1 burned off so walking is not impossible.

So my Doctor referred me to a pain specialist.  Another Doctor, I have seen quite a few…however… This man has given me hope that one day I will get rid of the ailments and a whack of my pain.  Hope that I will be able to get my life back.

I can’t tell you how much I loath my pain and it’s control over my life currently.  So..This blog is going to be the place where I detail the journey.   Dr Pain, as I will call him in here, not his real name, has told me it won’t be easy, but it may be possible to cure my current situation.  He looked at me asked me to walk, balance, close eye balance, nodded and said : You need to loose at least 80 lbs.  I looked up, thought, did the math and thought, ya I think he’s bang on that,  I have 19 inch shoulders and 9 inch wrists, not a tiny person.

He is asking me to trust him to help me get my health back,  no padding, no covering the root sources.  I’m scared but it’s better to dig at the root than to ignore it,  10 years of ignoring things hasn’t helped my body.

Trust is hard for me. I’ll try.




Hope is a powerful drug…

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