The Hard Truth of Diabetes

Taken a while to get back here… back issues are top of the list, days in bed with the fibro acting up.  So here is the hard truth about diabetes…it will literally kill you.

Giving a moment for reality to kick you.  Death by inches is what I call it.  When your body can’t convert your blood sugar to fat your body tries to keep circulating the now syrupy blood.  Eventually it’s too thick for the little capillaries in your extremities and this starts the body parts to starve.   Yes seriously Starve because the syrup can’t flow easily in the tiny veins, this causes them to be choked off… the cells and skin around the extremities die.  You get warnings, that pins and needles is your body signalling your brain that you need more and more exercise to get the blood flowing…but the sugar has us slumping in some corner.    Warning this is an image of Gangrene that sets in when your body parts can’t get blood.  It can’t rots.  Same as people with leprosy.

Too make matters worse, when you get to the point of using insulin, like I am, your body has adjusted to having higher sugar levels and you crave it when it drops a bit.  This is a vicious addiction and I seriously haven’t been able to kick it.  Here are your early warning signs  I didn’t get many of these until after 6 years of being diabetic..

Am I trying to scare you?  Hell no I’m trying to scare me into getting rid of the extra sugar  I know that it’s getting worse and worse.. but seriously I need to work on this.









The Hard Truth of Diabetes