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I’m working hard at changing my life,  I’ve never been one to sit idle my brain is always busy and in those last few years I became really bitter, sad and broken.  The people I was hanging around with gave voice to positive intent but then would hop into judgement of others.  I bought new dresses and was feeling awesome, did a quick show to my bf and my friend says But you’ll need spanx (I didn’t even know what spanx were) to look nice.  This is not being positive, that’s shitting on a rare moment I felt good.  I stopped hanging out, it’s not easy but I needed to change my life, not theirs.

Here are some recommendations I have for you, the reader on my word press looking for change that you can control.

1  To really understand how this change can be done watch or read the book The Secret by Rhonda Byrn.  When you watch it you will say “Pfft c’mon really”  but think about it, Your life is created every minute of every day.   Every Heartbeat you can make a choice about how you want the next moments to be.   I worked in several call centers and I worked with the attitude that I would enjoy each call.  People were often surprised to hear me laughing with the customers on the phone.  To me this was the power of creating happiness because I wanted to be happy in my job!

2  I recommend reprogramming yourself with self hypnosis.  Seriously it is not easy to catch yourself being negative or pay attention to your thoughts on what you don’t deserve.   We’re programmed by others words and trying to “live up to the expectation”.  I got through university successfully by listening to “Fear of Success” from Hypnosis Downloads  this is my affiliate link to them;

2    Examine your programming.   Many of us are battling with Loving ourselves because we have been told that is selfish. I’m going to tell you that those who scream about us being selfish when we need time for self care are the ones who keep taking til you are empty. Make Lists.  List the old programming and put a date 10 years prior to today.  Make it look like an old newspaper if you like.  When you are done, realize the things that have happened in those ten  years.  Old programming gets in the way and doesn’t meet todays standards  Then write out what you want the new programming to say.  I’ll include file for the newspaper style layout so You can rewrite the news.   Big lottery winner, company most valued player,  new CEO, fill in your wildest dreams.  draw pictures  it helps really!

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More tomorrow  health permitting….